Outpatient Pediatric Physical Therapy in a Loving Environment

Therapy Excellence, Inc provides pediatric care for clients from birth through the teen years. We specialize in helping new parents of infants with Torticollis, a condition in which a child’s head is tilted. Torticollis limits a child’s ability to turn the head to see, hear and interact freely with his/her environment.  We emphasize parent education and home strategies for our youngest clients.


Toe walking in toddlers and older children is easily managed by normalizing tissue mobility and flexibility, teaching parents gentle stretching techniques and playful strengthening exercises. TEI will also help parents consult with an orthotist when recommended.


We also help clients diagnosed with Chronic or Complex Regional pain Syndrome. We’ve researched the effective management of CRPS in the inpatient setting and created a comprehensive program that enables children to stay home while completing their rehabilitation. One pre-teen client reported 95% improvement in activity and pain reduction after completion of her two-week program.


Since kids start sports so young, we work with athletic trainers, coaches and sports performance specialists to help our young athletes safely return to the game as quickly as possible.