Therapy Excellence, Inc specializes in helping children and teens that have musculoskeletal disorders or MSD.  This can affect the patient’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

We begin treatment with a comprehensive evaluation. Our physical therapists create a personal program of treatment that will address posture, balance, core stabilization, flexibility and potential overtraining issues.

Our hands-on technique restores proper alignment and tissue mobility before physical training begins.

We work with athletic trainers, coaches and sports performance specialists to help our young athletes safely return to the game as quickly as possible.

Ice hockey is a grueling sport.

Our son, Paul has been playing for almost 10 years and although his injuries have been minor, he has had to rehab his elbows, knees and shoulders.

Jodi Boyd taught Paul the proper way to stretch and has given him exercises to keep him on the ice and in the game.

Working with Jodi has extended Paul’s playing career and helped him continue to pursue his passion. Thank you, Jodi for all you do!

– Lisa Parisot –