Therapy Excellence, Inc encourages adults to achieve a healthy lifestyle using a holistic approach.  We gather a complete medical history, perform a neurological screen and examine your biomechanics.  We address symptoms but also examine the body as a whole identifying problems in posture, strength, and mobility that might contribute to your pain complaints. We do not want to simply band-aid your symptoms so you feel better temporarily. We strive to teach you and train you to maintain long-term results.

At Therapy Excellence, Inc, we provide our clients with a thorough treatment plan so you can return to an active lifestyle as soon as possible.

I began  2010 with a resolution to lose weight and get in better physical shape. I began in early January with a modest “couch to 5k program” of walking and light jogging with increasing interval times. In early February, I decided to alter my exercise program by switching to a “couch to 10k program”.  I completed my first 10k race a month later.  In the weeks that followed my 39-year-old body let me know that I had over-done it! My nagging knee pain wasn’t improving so I made an appointment with my doctor. He explained that I had “runners knee” or patella-drift and prescribed physical therapy.  Beginning with my first appointment, Jodi proved herself to be a talented professional. She was able to immediately locate the exact spot on my knee that was giving me discomfort. Jodi gathered the information she needed to design a program that specifically addressed my needs. She showed me the correct way to perform exercises specific to my knee issue and how to properly use simple exercise equipment to isolate the exact muscles that needed strengthening.

Jodi was very patient with me, explaining and demonstrating proper form. I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently I made progress with the techniques she taught me and I have been pain free ever since.

-Ray Atayde-

“After having been to doctors, chiropractors, and other physical therapists for a back problem over many years, I finally went to Jodi about ten years ago. Her thorough evaluation and subsequent treatment and exercise regimen over about a two month period brought about significant and lasting improvement. Since then I have also been to her for problems with my shoulder, knee, and hips. In each case her evaluation and diagnosis have been more thorough than the orthopedic physician that referred me to her. And her treatments and exercise programs have brought about the desired results. I have witnessed her training other therapists as well as treating other patients, and have been able to observe not only how knowledgeable she is, but also how wonderful and professional she is in dealing with others. In addition, I have observed how much she loves working with children and how good she is with them.”

-Peter Dahlberg-

“I’m a 60+ year old who a couple of years ago made a huge lifting mistake, causing significant back issues. As I raised the object I heard an electric spark sound and felt a large pain in my back. That night, the pain was shooting down my leg and in the middle of the night I woke up with pain in my shin that felt like someone was putting a blow torch on it. The next day I could only walk a few feet at a time (and only with a cane). My physician referred me to HealthSouth Physical Therapy where Jodi Boyd was the manager. She and her assistant diagnosed the problem, realigned the vertebrae, worked the soft tissues and provided exercises for about 20 sessions. My doctor believed that it would require surgery, but Jodi brought it back! With exercises continuing I am fully ambulatory without any pain over the past 2 years. Thank you Jodi!”

-Chuck J-